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EMDR Training  for mental health providers treating military personnel and veterans is available with E. C. Hurley, PhD at Soldier Center.  This is the standard EMDR training adapted for clinicians treating our military personnel and veterans.  A learning management system is utilized to enhance the learning and clinical skill development for participants in the EMDR basic and advanced trainings as well as consultation.  

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E. C. Hurley, PhD, has been a licensed psychotherapist since 1980 - trained in most models of psychotherapy.  He has witnessed the development of clinical skills in outstanding therapists for a number of decades, noticing those who are highly competent standout in their service delivery to their clients.  Your clients/patients deserve the best you can offer - therefore, these trainings go beyond the norm to provide you the best opportunities in the development of your clinical skills.  Therefore, we offer the pre-training courses and the online courses available during your consultation as you integrate EMDR therapy in your clinical practice.  Join us soon in a training!


    EMDR Basic Training - 2021

Learn EMDR Therapy from your own location via online


Dr. Hurley conducts numerous EMDR trainings for all branches of U.S. military as well as veteran organizations throughout the year.


EMDR basic training (part 1 and part 2) includes 10 hours of consultation with 40 CE hours.  Dr. Hurley's trainings include the same standardized EMDR therapy training and they are tailored toward treating the military and veteran population.  Dr. Hurley insures those participants who complete the basic part 1 have adequate preparation to treat a population with complex trauma including combat trauma and military sexual trauma.  Videos used in the training demonstrate Dr. Hurley's own work in using EMDR therapy to treat military and veteran populations. 


 The basic training consists of:

- Supervised small group practice on each training day
- Physiological overview of the information processing system
- Specialized history-taking to identify dysfunctional patterns and causes including issues 
   specific to the military/veteran population.
- Treatment planning to address past events, current triggers and future needs.
- Stabilization techniques across the attachment spectrum
- Reduction of overt symptoms and achieving comprehensive mental health with an understanding
   of the etiology of symptoms within a military environment.
- Addressing the full range of trauma and adverse life events
- Applications to combat trauma and military sexual assault 
- Applications to grief, guilt and moral injury
- Applications to addictions, anxiety, and somatic disorders
- Applications to natural and man-made disasters

- Treatment of complex trauma with dissociative exhibitions

- Treatment of moral injury issues

- Application to couples and family therapy- Personal use of the therapist in treating vicarious traumatization


Dr. Hurley's trainings include the standard, basic EMDR training plus materials which are specific for treating veterans and military personnel with EMDR therapy.

An OIF veteran with with PTSD and moral injury is treated with EMDR therapy at Soldier Center

New book recently published by Springer Publishing (2020):

A Clinicians Guide to Treating Military and Veterans with EMDR Therapy

by E. C. Hurley, DMin, PhD 

366 pages

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  • A Cohort of EMDR therapists working to advance their clinical skills
  • Consultant groups meet quarterly for two  6-hour days at variouls locations near their areas presenting videos for clinical skill development.


2219 Lowes Drive, West  -  Clarksville, TN 37040

(931) 553-6981


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