We specialize in treating military personnel and veterans suffering with combat trauma. Our treatment resolves trauma-related symptoms such a nightmares, flashbacks, depression/disillusionment, sleep problems, irritability and anger, social withdrawal/isolation, guilt, shame and moral injury. SOLDIER CENTER's treatment approach is different from those used in the VA. The dropout rate is minimal and the treatment is much more client-centered and effective. Appointments are regularly scheduled each week. Our goal is to help you reclaim your life so you can enjoy a meaningful purposeful life after combat deployments - we are here for you. Phone our office (931) 553-6981 to schedule an appointment.


Treatment for Sexual Trauma

SOLDIER CENTER provides confiential effective treatment for persons who have survived sexual assault.  Our treatment approach provides opportunity for persons to get over their trauma experiences without needing to describe the details of what happened.  There is no need for a narrative description of the trauma.  In fact we treat persons with classified information without their needing to tell the therapist where they were or the details - its a non-verbal treatment - and it works!

Dr. Hurley published "EMDR therapy in the treatment of military sexual assault this past year."

Couples Therapy

Therapists at SOLDIER CENTER assist couples in establishing relationship goals
as well as providing the professional skills in assisting couples in achieving their goals.

Our staff represents many years of experience in working with couples. We assist couples in making a realistic appraisal of their current status, establish agreeable goals, develop the skills necessary to communicate in an effective manner, resolve current issues, establish healthy relationship models of functioning, and how to maintain life-long relationship skills.

Our staff is particularly experienced in working with military and veteran couples. We also offer workshops for couples and families coping w th PTSD and TBI issues which impact relationships and families.

Phone SOLDIER CENTER for an appointment: (931) 553-6981,

A number of Soldier Center therapists provide therapy for children, adolescents and families. Therapists are trained to understand the developmental needs of their clients while providing a safe environment for them to feel understood while addressing their psychotherapeutic goals. Therapy is provided in coordination with parental and family needs.  Multigeneral family therapy and step-family therapy is available.

Contact Soldier Center at (931) 553-6981,

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(931) 553-6981

Successive-Days Treatment

Soldier Center offers successive-days treatment for veterans and military personnel who are able to benefit from one or two sessions of EMDR therapy per day.  This is an effective, brief but intensive approach which insures the client's ability to manage the treatment with successful outcomes.  The therapy is client-centered and paced at the level which best suits the client.  It provides effective outcome in a share period of time.  Military units and well as self-referred veterans utilize the successive-day treatment regularly.

Please Note:  Due to confidentiality - Soldier Center does not answer emails regarding scheduling appointments.
Phone the office (931) 553-6981 if you have questions regarding making appointments or our services.

Treating Families with PTSD