2018 EMDR Trainings



                 Part 1           April 6-8
                 Part 2           May 18-20

5-Day Veteran-Focused Basic Training
                Parts 1 & 2 combined        April 30 - May 4


                Part 1          August 17 - 19

                Part 2          September 28 - 30

      2018 EMDR Advanced Trainings by E. C. Hurley, PhD

      April 14 - 15        Clarksville, TN                Moral Injury, and Suicidality across the Dissociative Spectrum:                                                                                                                                          Effective treatment using EMDR Therapy

     Aug 2 5 -26           Clarksville, TN                Treating Adults Abused as Children

     Sep  15-16             Clarksville, TN                Treating Veterans with Complex PTSD and Dissociation with EMDR Therapy

       Nov 8-9                  Ft Hood, TX                      Treating Military Sexual Trauma with EMDR Therapy


Our trainings include our own learning management system providing 24/7 password access to our training videos and handouts ranging from preparation for EMDR basic training to advanced training and consultation.  

Our EMDR basic trainings include additional training modules:

-  Treating Moral Injury with EMDR therapy

- Treating military sexual trauma (MST) with EMDR therapy

- Treating complex-PTSD with dissociative exhibitions