How far do you want to develop your EMDR clinical skills? 

We offer the following EMDR clinical skill develop programs:

       -  EMDR basic training (EMDRIA Approved)

       - EMDR consultation 

       - EMDR externship (on-site opportunities to work with seasoned
          EMDR therapist at Soldier Center for 3-5 days periods

       - EMDR Soldier Center certificate as "EMDR Military Specialist"|        

          (includes completion of Dr. Hurley's webinars and externship)

           Webinare includes the following topics:

                * Treating adults abused as children
                * Treating Veterans with complex PTSD and dissociative exhibitions
                    with EMDR therapy
                * Treating veterans with moral injury and suicidality with
                    EMDR Therapy
                * Treating military sexual assault with EMDR Therapy

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