EMDR Training for DoD and VA Therapists
and others who work with the military and veterans

EMDR therapy basic trainings are focused on military and veteran issues.  The trainings are available to all clinicians working with those who have served.  E. C. Hurley, PhD, has been providing EMDR basic training to psychotherapists in the Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Armed Forces for the last nine years.. Dr. Hurley served as the EMDR Institute's instructor for the U.S. Army Medical Command for four years, after which he prepared four AMEDD in-house EMDR trainers to continue the programs.

EMDR Trainings Available at Soldier Center and Military/VA Settings

EMDR trainings are now also available at Soldier Center, Clarksville, TN (near Ft Campbell, KY), as well as contracted with VA/military organizations throughout the United States. Trainings are scheduled during the entire year.

This certified EMDR therapy basic training entails the internationally standardized program approved by the EMDR International Association, along with an additional focus on issues pertinent to treating veterans and military personnel. Both EMDR basic and advanced trainings are provided.

E. C. Hurley, PhD, is an EMDR Trainer for therapists who serve those who serve/have served

Dr. Hurley served for 33 years in the U.S. military, holding ranks ranging from Private to Colonel. During his military career he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (with 2 oak leaf clusters), the Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, and the U.S. Army's Air Assault badge. Upon retirement from the military Dr. Hurley founded Soldier Center, where he continues to serve as Director. Services include treatment for military personnel, veterans and their family members, as well as EMDR therapy consultation for clinicians.

Dr. Hurley has written chapters and articles on EMDR therapy and is a frequent presenter at various conferences.


- Supervised small group practice on each training day
- Physiological overview of the information processing system
- Specialized history-taking to identify dysfunctional patterns and causes including issues
specific to the military/veteran population.
- Treatment planning to address past events, current triggers and future needs.
- Stabilization techniques across the attachment spectrum
- Reduction of overt symptoms and achieving comprehensive mental health with an understanding
of the etiology of symptoms within a military environment.
- Addressing the full range of trauma and adverse life events
- Applications to combat trauma and military sexual assault
- Applications to grief, guilt and moral injury
- Applications to addictions, anxiety, and somatic disorders
- Applications to natural and man-made disasters
- Application to couples and family therapy
- Personal use of the therapist in treating vicarious traumatization

Dr. Hurley's trainings include the standard, basic EMDR training plus materials which are specific for treating veterans and military personnel with EMDR therapy.

E. C. Hurley, PhD, COL, USA (Ret) Trainer
POC: Nancy Hurley, Administrative Director, Soldier Center    (931) 553-6981

Information regarding EMDR training for therapists serving military and veteran population can be obtained by contacting Dr. Hurley at Soldier Center (931) 553-6981, or completing the contact form listed below.