Untimely ends to military careers?
Almost every week we learn of stellar military officers whose militray careers come to an untimely end.

These officers' tragic endings range from Navy admirals commiting suicide to two, three and four star general officers having affairs or commiting other behaviors which violate their core values and the UCMJ.

Why do smart people do stupid things?

At Soldier Center we specialize in assisting soldiers to reclaim their lifes, resolving the stress and haunting memories following deployments.  Since we are an off-post private facility with a military oriented staff, we offer a special service to senior leaders - confidentially!

Often it is due to the accumulation of stress which, over time, dulls a persons decision-making skills, emotionally numbs them out so they feel empty and lose a sense of perpose.  Dr. E. C. Hurley, a retired Army O-6, trained as an Army chaplain and clinical psychologist - now the founder and CEO of Soldier Center,  is an expert in recognizing and treating stress related problems.  The stress from multiple deployments/assignments can build up with little notice until we are in a difficult position.   With over 33 years of military service, active and reserve his last 13 years of duty was spent on general officer staffs where he worked with commanders to achieve the mission.

Retired from the U.S. Army, he established Soldier Center, near Ft Campbell, KY where he and his staff effectively help soldiers and veterans reclaim their lives following military deployments.

Recognizing the importance of confidentiality, senior leaders are able to meet at Soldier Center with its confidential entrance and private meeting rooms.  Dr. Hurley assists leaders in clearing any stressors  and resolve any disturbing memories which can impact a leader's ability to complete his or her life's mission with a sense of achievement and respect.

Interested persons can contact Dr. Hurley through his private email: hurleyec@gmail.com for further information or scheduling an information meeting.

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